Partners in the Dance of LIFE

The Best Day Of My Life!

My Husband!! He WON!!!!

Oh Benji! Oh Benji Benji Benji! I am so very proud of you. My love! My light! How you shimmied and spun your way into my heart! A thousand sonnets cannot capture the majesty that is your hips! Today, Top 10! Tomorrow, THE WORLD!!! And that little harlot that broke your heart had best keep her back to the wall! NO ONE MESSES WITH MY SASHAYING MAN!!! NO ONE!!! But I will be faithful, Benj! I would have waited for you. YOU TAUGHT MEXICAN GANSTERS ABOUT GOD'S GRACE, FOR CHRISSAKE! You are 100x more man than she deserved. Come cry on my shoulder, my sweet! Let us be as one!!!! 1 <3 you always!! XOXOXO!!!!

2 Swingin' Comments:

At 12:34 AM, BenjiFan16 said...

Wow, great blog, I like Benji too!

At 12:35 AM, the glitterati said...

Oh no you di'nt!!! What, you "like Benji too" now??? You know his favourite colour and his favourite foods and what shampoo he uses and watch him sleep at night or something? Well, I got your IP address, so you better sleep with one eye open and don't you be messing with my man. BACK OFF YOU CRAZY BITCH HE'S MINE!!! ALL MINE!!!! MMMWWWAAAAH!

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