The changes in the organs of movement consisted in extensive, cripplig skin scars, defects, cicatrization of muscles, prolapse of the injured nerves, prolonged suppurative infections of the bone tissues, deformations of legs, defective positioning of individual joints, limitation of movement ability and various statical disturbances. A characteristic feature of the injuries was the high degree of deformation of legs, which, together with the fact that the experiments were made on young women, endows the criminal actions with even more sinister meaning. The changes in the organs resulting from the experiments have been irreversible and the resulting neuroses, frequently even bordering on the psychopathological, have deepened with time. In consequence of those criminal operations, most of their victims became invalids, while the others have had their ability of active life and work permanently impaired.

The above text is a fragment from the Medical Statement issued in 1958 by Dr. Hanna Dworakowska Member of the Selection Board headed by Professor of Medicine A. Gruca. The Board was composed of Professors and Drs.: Askanaz, Batawia, Bialecki, Chojecki, Czyzewicz, Dworakowska, Grzywo-Dabrowski, Hausman, Kodeiszko, Kuligowski, Litwin, Łapinski, Malawski, Reicher and Rutkiewicz and other representatives of the medical world, as well as of delegates of the League of Fighters for Freedom and Democracy, the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Social Welfare and the press and representatives of the American Hiroshima Peace Center, headed by Professor W. Hitzig.