Using TED Talks to Teach Social Determinants of Health

Eileen Nicolle, Emmanuelle Britton, Praseedha Janakiram, Pierre Robichaud

A series of workshops on the Social Determinants of Health (SDOH) have been developed that relate specifically to primary care. These workshops are available for widespread use and use online media to emphasize key points. Each workshop is a PREZI presentation which centers around a TED Talk as a discussion point. A PowerPoint file accompanies each presentation as a presenter guide.

Although the titles link to online materials, they can also be presented offline by downloading the associated materials in advance. Even if you think you will have internet connection it may be a good idea to download the materials in case of internet troubles. New content is being added regularly until all the presentation and notes are complete. In the meantime inaccessible content is greyed out.

We appreciate feedback on the SDOH presentations - please submit any questions, comments, and completed evaluation forms to Dr Eileen Nicolle (

Social Determinants of Health

The social determinants of health (SDOH) are those factors that impact upon health and well being; the circumstances into which we are born, grow up, live, work and age. Although these factors may not directly cause illness, they are the root causes ill health. There is increasing evidence of the importance of addressing these root causes in order to improve the health of our communities. An understanding of the SDOH is especially important in primary care as we care and advocate for our patients over time.

Offline PREZI presentation
Youtube video file for offline viewing
Presenter notes

Online Version
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Offline Materials
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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I present the workshop without an internet connection?

You can download all of the materials in advance. The youtube video embedded within the PREZI cannot be played without an internet connection, but you can save it from this website and play it separately.

  1. Right click on the download icon, then select "Save Link As..." to save an offline version of the presentation in .zip format. Take note of where the file is being downloaded.
  2. Once you have downloaded the zip file, locate the file, right click the file and select "Extract All".
  3. You will now have a file called PREZI.exe which can be run to begin the presentation.
  4. To save a copy of the embedded youtube video you can right click on the YouTube icon, then select "Save Link As...". When presenting offline, the video will not be played embedded within the presentation as it would if you were online. You must open and play the file separately from the PREZI presentation.

Are there any other good SDOH resources available?

We have found these other resources useful:

  • Poverty tool by Ontario College of Family Physicians and Health Providers Against Poverty
  • TEDx Talk by Dr Ryan Meili about SDOH
  • Upstream, a movement to create a healthy society through evidence-based, people-centred ideas

Who do I contact for more information?

Please contact Dr Eileen Nicolle with any inquiries:


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